Kadas Fundi Features

Remote Learning

Virtual Classroom

Attendance Register

Interactive Lessons

School Administration



Oversight and Quality Assurance

Reciprocal Feedback

Individual and Teamwork Deadlines

Reporting and Moderation

Announcements and Calendars

Why Do You Need Kadas?

Higher class efficiency

Eliminate loss of information

Increases effective class work

Ensures one-on-one, group and class feedbacks

Control measures and quality assurance

Boost teamwork and workflow

Streaming and class attendance

Student, class and school planner and communication

Access anytime and anywhere

Deadline and disciplined structure with an autonomous space for learning

Pricing Options

Would you like a school administration system?

Would you prefer a monthly or yearly invoice?

Would you prefer to be charged per user or per package?

Do you need training and support?

Do you have a landing page and a domain?

Wil you need a cloud server package?